Party Bar Pattaya - Soi 8.

Party Bar Pattaya soi 8  

Party Bar Pattaya is located in Soi 8 Pattaya.

Sadly Party Bar is no more due to the demolition of the bar complex at the Sunshine Hotel in Soi 8.


Party Bar is located in one of the busiest Sois in Pattaya. Between Beach road and Second road. Look for the Party Bar sign and listen out for the trendy music. Some of the finest ladies in Pattaya coupled with reasonable prices its the perfect local. OPEN 24HRS -  The bar is usually at its peak around 9.30 pm onwards everyday.

We have a Party Bar Picture Gallery with around 75 pictures that are updated frequently.

Party Bar offers a friendly experience both from the Thai workers and the farang managers,  most nights Alan and Sammy are around and are great hosts and will assure your night is event free. We have a security guard working for you to fight off the sellers! Parties are frequent at the Party Bar, the music is trendy at the right volume, most importantly no hawkers to annoy you.

Party Bar Pattaya
Soi 8 is in the heart of Pattaya, right next to the venue is a 7ELEVEN and a hamburger stand, everything is at hands reach. Even the cash point is a few generous strides away. The bar is always teaming with gifted ladies of leisure, its an ideal spot to watch people go by or watch the girls battle it out on the dance floor with well practised twists and shakes.

"HAWKER FREE BAR" - Pattaya Live

For a taster of what is to come, check out the Party Bar Video Page and have a look at some of the pictures of the Party Bar ladies

Thai Friendly Pattaya Girls

Party Bar Pattaya


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